Dave Levine 
Project Manager 
Dijeau Poage Construction, Inc. 


RE: Gates Residence

During 2015, Charles Marpet Fine Woodworking fabricated and delivered the millwork and casework for the Gates residence media room and office.

Charles Marpet provided a detailed very competitive budget for the project and a contract was drawn up accordingly. All required documents were provided by Mr. Marpet and the procedures for submitting billings were followed as requested.

The scope of the project did not include any change orders. As the project progressed, all discussions of details were conducted in a professional manner. The architects were very impressed with the quality of the shop drawings. The millwork and casework arrived on schedule, and the contractor, clients and designer were very happy with the quality of the work.

In 2016, Charles Marpet Fine Woodworking worked with us on another project. As the opportunity arises, we look forward to working with Mr. Marpet again.


Dave Levine

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