Our shop produces Architectural Woodworking built to the specifications of design professionals. Every job we take on has unique nuances which are the signatures of the people who design it.

Our function is to apply craftsmen to execute the work detailed in our shop drawings. These shop drawings capture the design intent, which is then fine-tuned by the review and approval process.  Our ability to produce excellent, large format, shop drawings places us in a group with a handful of the best shops on the West Coast.

It is easy to see that the decline in craft is directly correlated to the rise of industrialization. As technology integrates itself further with machines that spit out cheap boxes of limited possibility the craft continues to decline. Our shop fabricates products not meant to be depreciated in twenty years.  Each job is unique. We adapt, with reasonable efficiencies, to the ever changing requirements presented by the demands of each project.

The grade standards for Premium Grade set forth by both AWI and WI have changed over time. With the advent of new technologies we have lobbied for a new grade standard beyond Premium Grade; I call this standard Monumental Grade. A product that is of the best quality without regard to when it was fabricated.

The desire for high-quality product (as gauged by generations past) has created a special place in the architectural woodworking industry for us.  The ability to fabricate even the most difficult and complex works with excellence has added further to our niche market.




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